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Press Release 08/10/15

In response to her request for endorsement, the San Juan County Democrats have decided to endorse the candidacy of Monica Harrington for Position #3 on the board of commissioners of San Juan County Public Hospital District #1 in the general election on November 3, 2015. Hospital District #1 consists of the following islands: San Juan, Brown, Henry, Johns, Pearl, Spieden, and Stuart. Only registered voters of these islands are eligible to vote.

We urge the registered voters of Hospital District #1 to support Ms. Harrington by voting for her in the general election on November 3.

The board of Hospital District #1 is primarily responsible for assuring that the public tax money it receives from the two levies that are its sole source of funds are used to serve the best interests of our entire community in an effective, transparent, and accountable manner. This responsibility includes ensuring compliance with Washington State’s Reproductive Privacy Act and Death With Dignity Act, both of which San Juan County voters overwhelmingly approved.

We believe noncompliance with either of these acts undermines the will of the voters and puts the district at risk of legal action. Ms. Harrington has the business background, knowledge of State health law, and commitment to the public interest to help assure that Hospital District #1 fully complies with its responsibilities.

The San Juan County Democrats also urge the election of other hospital district candidates in November who support our state’s Reproductive Privacy Act and Death with Dignity Act.

For further information, contact David Dehlendorf, Chair, San Juan County Democrats, tel. 378-1082.



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