Mission Statement

San Juan County Democrats Mission Statement

 Vision – A true democracy with justice for all, through an informed and politically engaged citizenry of San Juan County, Washington.

Mission – Educate the citizenry of San Juan County about issues, policies, facts, and elections so as to influence their positions in favor of

  1. Candidates (elected and appointed) for public office supported by the SJCDs
  2. Ballot measures supported by the SJCDs
  3. Platforms authored by and/or supported by the SJCDs and/or the Washington State Democrats

Goals and Objectives

  1. Promote a politically engaged citizenry
  2. Promote the election and appointment of Democrats and other candidates supporting our mission and platform
  3. Promote the successful implementation of the elements of our platform

Strategies and Action Plans

  1. Recruit and support candidates for elected public offices and for appointed citizen committees who are capable, experienced, honest, and who support our mission and platform
  2. Monitor and report on the activities of elected officials and appointed citizen committee members, and lobby them to support our mission and platform
  3. Develop and implement an effective public communications strategy to help promote our mission, platform, and candidates, by informing our county’s citizens, regardless of their political affiliation, of important facts and issues, while encouraging civil public participation and discourse thereof
  4. Register voters and “get out the vote”.